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Our Company name Aetiology Ltd was derived from the word “aetiology” or “etiology” which is mainly used in medicine, where it is the science that deals with the causes or origin of disease, the factors which produce or predispose toward a certain disease or disorder. Aetiology is derived from the Greek  word “αἰτιολογία, aitiologia”.” In literal terms it means the “origin” or “cause”.

The lymphatic system is primarily your immune system and as a specialised health care provider in the modality of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET), we work to improve the function of your lymphatics which subsequently improves immune response.  We believe that the lymphatic system is the “origin” of certain disease in today’s modern western society.

We wish to acknowledge Asri Parkinson for her role as a model in the photography for the re-branding of Aetiology.  Asri has had a personal journey of breast cancer which you can read about through the link to  Pink Magazine.  Asri’s strength and survival throughout this journey is a credit to her and we are privileged to have had her work with us on this project.  Thank you Asri.

For an update on Asri’s journey click here.


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